-Mixing of pre-recorded tracks
-Send tracks via WeTransfer to PeterSwann@Rogers.com
-See track format informaton

- Song/album mastering
- CD master with embeded text and ISRCs

Live Production Music
- Custom music for live events

CD Art and Duplication
- Print-ready layouts using your CD artwork
- Custom CD artwork
- 3D preview of CD package

Audio Format Conversion
- Wav, MP3, flac, aiff, from video, etc.
- Resample, re-channel, bit conversion, etc.

Audio Restoration
- Restore damaged audio, reduce noise, time edits, etc.

Music Library
- 2,000+ tracks for licensing and exclusive usage
- Pop, Rock, HipHop, Country, Relaxation, Inspirational, etc.
- Custom music

Film Scoring
- Documentary, dramatic, promotional, etc.

-Long form, audio logos, intros, outros and stingers

-For radio, TV and web/streaming

Video/Film Scoring
- Custom music for film, TV and streaming
- Time synced audio

- General music industry
- Music theory
- Production and mixing

For more information or for a quote, please contact:
Pete Swann
647 258 5661